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Christchurch Street Pride are a small community of like-minded individuals, in the Fenland village of Christchurch, all trying to make our little village, an incredible place to live, and a place for generations of children to enjoy and remember as they get older.

It is taking a lot of effort starting with the village eco-project of Christchurch Eco, but after an incredibly successful first litter pick, where we (as in the community of Christchurch) broke an unofficial record for a Fenland District Council village signing up the most amount of volunteers in one go for a “Street Pride Group”

The group’s aims are simple, make Christchurch a beautiful place to live, work, and bring up our children, while doing everything possible to help our environment, our village ethics, our local primary school, and the abundance of the wonderful wildlife that habit our village.

Everyone is welcome, this is your village and your opinion, your strength and passion matter, No matter what you contribute it all helps. I have a saying in Christchurch Eco and that is “a single individual can leave small footprints, but a collective of individuals can leave big footprints” Lets all work together and made Christchurch “Street Pride”

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Litter Walk

Christchurch’s First Successful Litter Walk

On January the 11th 2020, Christcurch Eco's Founder Nate Lansdell, successfully brought the village together for its first Street Pride Litter Walk
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Christchurch Street Pride First Meeting

Christchurch, Fenland, Street Pride,

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